Keep your memories from fading!

Bright Light Video has been videotaping events throughout the western suburbs for the past 18 years. From school programs, graduations, dance recitals, and bar mitzvahs to various business functions, we have the equipment, experience, and know how to get the job done.
Give us a call or e-mail: to discuss your videotaping needs. We will videotape, edit, and duplicate multiple copies of you program to your specifications.

We here at Bright Light Video take pride in covering just about whatever event you want to perform, put on, or present. We have videotaped musicals, anniversaries, graduations, communions, infomercials, and business functions. We have the capabilities to videotape, edit, insert, add titles, music, and pictures to your video event. Talk to us about your needs and wants. We'll try our hardest to make you shine.

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Updated: 2008